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Code example can be found here: TransferState example in Angular Universal

Most of the server-side rendered sites have one big problem. APIs are requested twice during initial load. Why? This is how user action flow looks like:

  1. Request page; i.e.: https://www.angular-universal-pwa.maciejtreder.com/transferState/without
  2. Request reaches back-end:
    1. Back-end launches Angular and starts rendering the view
    2. Back-end performs the request to the API to fetch data for component (https://2tvdln9i91.execute-api.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/production/hit)
  3. HTML is sent back to the user
  4. The browser renders the view from the given HTML and CSS
    1. The browser launches JavaScript -> Angular comes into the game
    2. The browser performs the request to the API to fetch data for component (https://2tvdln9i91.execute-api.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/production/hit)

To avoid such repetitive requests, Angular 5 comes with TransferState. This mechanism gives front-end and back-end a possibility to "communicate". In other words, front-end retrieves from the back-end collection of key -> value sets with the data which back-end already retrieved from external services.